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International Cloud Atlas

The International Cloud Atlas from the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) - Manual on Observation of Clouds and Other Meteors: International Cloud Atlas

Internationaler Wolkenatlas

2017/04/10 07:12 · Volker Löschhorn

IATE InterActive Terminology for Europe

IATE stands for InterActive Terminology for Europe. It’s the shared terminology database of the institutions of the European Union. Its main aim is to facilitate the task of the translators working for the EU, but will hopefully also be useful for other EU staff and for the public in general.


2017/04/02 02:04 · Volker Löschhorn


Wake vortex


A safety video of the german Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung about an accident caused by wake vortex: Video of an investigation into an accident caused by wake vortex

2016/11/24 14:14 · Volker Löschhorn


Karabiner Mousqueton

Carabiner Carabiners are used to connect ropes. For a carabiner, also the expression snap-hook is possible. A longer description is published at Wikipedia: Carabiner

2016/10/11 04:05 · Volker Löschhorn
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